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Onsite Logistics

Saraleen event administrators always assist your on-site team, assuring the complete meeting is streamlined and stays on schedule.

Onsite Event Logistics Throughout North America, Germany & Worldwide

Saraleen is a devoted international event planner with more than 17 years of special events under our belt.

Our team at is determined to ensure that your event runs smoothly and on schedule. 

Once the event planning and development stages have been completed. 

It is time for the event day to arrive, you can be sure that our event managers will be there conducting the process every step of the way. 

Assisting a wide range of industries and enterprises around the world. 

We have developed a renown reputation in providing exceptional event logistics in Canada, New York, London, Berlin and beyond.

Registration, VIP Management & Other Onsite Logistics

Long before our staff and production team arrives on site, the onsite registration and event logistics are flawlessly executed. 

We meticulously plan each segment of the event in a distinct production schedule, guaranteeing an adequate performance.

Based in Ontario, Canada we not only manage our own in-house staff but collaborate with the venue, vendors, food and beverage, speakers, sponsors and performers on site to effectively deliver the event. 

We generally support the client in the administration of attendee and VIP guests in both pre-event communications and on-site logistics. 

Saraleen offers the following event logistics in Ontario:

  • Professional Staffing
  • Onsite Staffing
  • Security
  • Venue Management
  • F&B Management
  • Program Management
  • Speaker Sourcing
  • Attendee Registration & Management
  • VIP Management
  • Online Registration
  • Sponsorship Fulfillment
  • Décor Installation
  • Tradeshows Installation
  • Sustainability Compliance
  • Team Building Activities
  • Event Social Media Management
World-Class Event Management & Onsite Logistics

We are confident that your event will be a complete success with the help of our world-class event managers in Canada, Germany and beyond. 

If you’re interested in hosting an event that will influence your guests and satisfy your marketing intentions, take a look at our portfolio and contact our enthusiastic planners today.

Saraleen provides onsite logistics for events all over the world.

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