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November 7, 2016

Avoid Boring Corporate Meetings with 6 tips.

Boring Corporate meeting

Planning a meeting for your periodic company or department can be an easy task, but not necessarily engaging and effective.

Many people perceive meetings as the boredom-ahead thing and low-spirited place where they get sleepy, bored, and tech-distracted. Although in today’s era there are many tools available to facilitate communication, face-to-face meetings remain the most efficient of all, in terms of time and engagement.

Holding your audience attention can be pretty challenging, therefore it is highly important that you incorporate ways to provoke interest and participation to guarantee effective meetings. Turn a boring meeting experience to an exciting experience by adding some fun into the room, that will help your audience stay awake, focused, and thrilled to attend the next meeting. These tips will definitely bring up the spice of your meetings and keep everyone participated;

  1. Games

    Games are a fun, challenging, and engaging way to stimulate thought and creativity. Incorporating games into a meeting are one of the most effective means to a high participation rate, and a successful meeting outcome. Employees will have a sense of challenge and excitement while playing games.  There are many game ideas available out there that you can use for specific purposes. Different kinds of games are meant to highlight different kinds of messages or outcomes. Therefore, just be clear of what message you want to convey, and then choose a game accordingly. One of the most interesting books that I have come about in this major is “Game Storming” for Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, and James Macanufo. They have gathered more than 80 games effective for corporate meetings.

  2. Audio-Visuals

    A catchy and meaningful video can say a lot about a long story in a very short time. Using videos, photos, and flipcharts can enhance a presentation, catch a lot of attention and create excitement while sending a clear message. Visuals can multiply the audiences’ level of understanding and increase impact. Not only this, but also people tend to remember the meeting content six time more after a few days when aided by visuals. So, why not save peoples’ valuable time by eliminating long verbal presentations and utilizing effective visual aids instead.

  3. Consultation

    Enticing participation is very important in building two-way communication and turning a meeting in to a conversation rather than a study class. People don’t want to just sit there and listen to a boring lecture about the company goals and future. Recognizing them as important contributors to the company by taking their consultation is an effective approach to successful meetings. Encourage them to participate by asking for their consultation on important matters such as solving a problem or improving a product. Each person will want to compete for providing the best solution which will create an interesting dialogue environment by sharing and discussing ideas.

  4. Acknowledgement

    Employee achievement recognition is one of the most promising conducts that turns out positive. Praising a good job of one employee in front acquaintances in a meeting builds motivation and self-esteem. It will keep your employees totally engaged with you during the meeting, because they will feel accountable and have to keep up to the praise. In addition, it will build the motive in other employees to make good achievements to receive the recognition in the next meeting. Recognition can be so much appreciated in a few simple words such as “Great contributions you did today” could leverage the whole meeting.

  5. Joke

    When a meeting becomes too boring or uncomfortable, throw in a joke to break the tension. A funny joke can break the ice, unlock creativity, and create a relaxed environment all that lead to a flawless meeting.

  6. Food Breaks

    No person can stand focusing and thinking more than 60 minutes at a time, therefore, fueling your employees’ minds and bodies are so important to keep them attentive through the whole meeting. A small food break every one hour can change the tense feeling of any meeting, create a relaxed environment and encourage people to participate with higher energy and concentration. As an example, you can serve bite-size savory snacks from cheese to cold cuts and desserts. You want to serve something that will have your guests talk about and remember, here are 15 High-end yet simple Canapes to Improve your Next Event.

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